Folkrówka - ABOUT US

BaMax is a family company. Barbara and Maksy are two women, connected not only by blood ties but also their love for sweetness, which is in their genes. Confectionery traditions in the Danek family trace back to the beginning of the 20th century. It all began in Cracow where grandfather Józef Danek took his first steps towards the discovering of the secret of sweetness: its origin, creation, and tenderness. Today, KRÓWKA MLECZNA has the unforgettable, magical taste of the childhood we all long to return to. Many adults still have a weak spot for KRÓWKA, because KRÓWKA MLECZNA is the classic, enchanted sweet which no one can resist. And so, we do not resist it either - we make the best KRÓWKA's in the world to share their charm, sweetness, and the delight they are to the palate, with the whole world.